Top Ten Complaints From Biblical Mothers or Wives

10. Eve to Adam: "You never take me anywhere different to

9. Sarah to Abraham: "Maybe if you stopped treating me
like your sister, we could start a family!" (Gen 12:19)

8. Elizabeth to John the Baptist: "I cook you a nice meal
and all you want is locust, locust, locust!"

7. Pharaoh's Daughter to Moses: "Stop parting the bath
water, Moses, and wash behind those ears!"

6. David's mom to Jesse, her husband: "Do you really
think it was a good idea to get David that sling? He's going
to put someone's eye out with that thing!"

5. Manoah's wife to her son Samson: "Can't you clean the
sink after you shampoo? I'm sick of all these long hairs!"

4. Elizabeth to Mary: "I love talking to you, Mary, really I
do, but can you speak a little softer? This kid just won't
stop doing the rhumba in my tummy!" (Luke 1:44)

3. Mary to Joseph: "I TOLD you to make reservations!"

2. Herodias to her daughter: "I told Herod that if he didn't
do something about this John nut, I would make sure
the problem came to a head!"

And the number one complaint made by a biblical mother
or wife is:

1. Pilate's wife to Pilate after the resurrection: "You never
listen to me, do you?" How do you feel now "Mr.
Wash-Your-Hands-In-Public"?! (Mat 27:19