Sad Statistics and Some Answers-Part Two

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According to Year 2000 Statistics from George Barna Research Group only 44% of born-again adults and 9% of born-again teenagers are certain of the existence of absolute moral truth. This is a very sad statistic. It is a contradiction. How can you be a born-again Christian and not believe in absolute moral truth? You might say that maybe some of those surveyed are not truly born-again. However my understanding is that the Research Group uses a biblical definition of born-again. So the problem lies somewhere else. And why are teenagers less certain of the existence of absolute moral truth?

I believe there are many answers and there could be a book written on this subject, but here are a few thoughts for this nugget. I would encourage you to think on them and pray about this situation.

One of the simple, quick answers is that our society has become more humanistic and there has been more influence from New Age, false religions and cults. Our society has become more immoral and Christians have been influenced by society-so "it is society's fault." I want to say very clearly, that in the big picture, It is not society's fault. It is the issues of light and dark. If there is not enough light, darkness reigns. Christians are suppose to influence their society, not the society influencing Christianity. 56% of Christians and 91% of teenagers do not believe in absolute moral truth because of the churches and parents.

In a desire to become "Seeker Friendly", many churches have stopped preaching absolute truth. They have believed lies from satan-lessen the standards so more will come to church, make everybody fill good while they are in sin. As this falsehood is continued, each generation that follows believes less in absolute moral truth. The Church believes the lie, the parents believe the lie, then 91% of teenagers believe the lie.

From many pulpits- homosexuality and other perversions, abortion, New Age concepts, divorce, lying, adultery, the reality of hell, are all dealt with as minor issues. In fact, from these pulpits it is preached that abortion is ok, lets ordain practicing homosexuals, lets marry unequally yoked Christians, lets ignore the concept of eternal damnation, lets not hold people accountable for their sins even if they have not repented.

There are also churches that believe the above items are sins and wrong, but the pastor/church does not want to offend anyone. It is a sloppy agape and greasy grace.
"Lets make sure everyone feels good." And instead Jesus offended many.
"Lets just love people and trust God for the rest". And instead God says "I am trusting the church to proclaim the truth".
The Church has forgotten the concept of tough love-speaking the truth in love.

We are not talking about being critical, hateful, finger pointing, judgmental, legalistic, etc. These words are continuously being used to justify sin in the church. There is no justification for sin in the Church. Jesus calls the Body of Christ to be a holy bride walking in the anointing of the Holy Spirit. There is no true anointing when there is not the proclaiming of absolute moral truth. You don't deal with legalism by removing absolute moral truth. You deal with legalism by preaching the Gospel of salvation by faith alone.

Answer to this Sad Statistic
Yes, the church is likened to a hospital for sinners. Sinners should be welcomed into the church. Yes, we all have struggles and are not perfect. There is the need for grace. We don't lessen the standards (deny that there is absolute moral truth), we point people to the One who gives the ability to follow the standards. The True Gospel is the Answer. We are sinners and we need a Savior. I believe we would see many more people come to Christ if they knew they needed a Savior. Preach absolute moral truths and people will know they need a Savior-and they will become born-again Christians who believe in absolute moral truth.


To the world, you may just be somebody...but to somebody, you may be the world.

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