Sad Statistics and Some Answers-Part Two

In the 1-1/2 years that I have been writing the Spiritual Nuggets I have tried to keep each of them brief and to allow at least a few days before sending another nugget if the nuggets were a series. And I have never written an addendum to a nugget. However with the last nugget I sent out, I feel I must make an immediate addition and give clarification.

Before I close the subject on Absolute Moral Truth, I need to make a clarification and cover another reason why Christians and society do not believe in absolute moral truth.

This topic is on Absolute Moral Truth, not preferences. Many do not believe in moral truth because they have heard so many messages on preferences that are presented as absolute truth. Let me explain:

The Ten Commandments are absolute moral truth. There are principles that are derived from the Ten Commandments that can be considered absolute moral truth. There are certain behaviors that the Bible teaches are immoral. In conflict to this is that many, many churches are preaching their denominational doctrines (nondenominational churches also) as if they are absolute truth. Many pastors are preaching their prejudices, Christian upbringing, etc. instead of the Word of God.

The following topics have nothing to do with absolute moral truth. Going to movies, watching TV, reading secular novels, listening to rock music, wearing jewelry, abstaining from certain foods, speaking in tongues, the color of the pews, what is at potluck, what denomination you go to, the state of the dead, style of worship, clothing, who is or isn't a modern day prophet, if women should preach, the list goes on and on. Much of this has to do with religion, legalism, and spiritual bondage, not moral truth. The lost do not need religion, they need to be presented with the truth of what is absolute sin and offered to have relationship with Jesus Christ. How many Christians say they do not believe in absolute moral truth because they have been taught man made doctrines and preferences are 'truth'. (We are not saying that there are not guidelines for living the Christian lifestyle-we believe in the call to holiness-read previous nuggets).

Is God convicting you on the fact you have made preferences absolute moral truth? Or is he convicting you because you have chosen to believe the lie that there are not absolute moral truths? If so, go to Him for forgiveness and mercy. Become a Christian who believes in all of the Word of God and stays for moral truth.


To the world, you may just be somebody...but to somebody, you may be the world.

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