After The Storm 

Have you ever been in a raging storm
Where you are trying to find your way
The thunder rolls and the lightening flashes
It makes a very dreary day 

Now letís compare the hideous storm
As we endure the storms of life
Taking shelter when we can
TO avoid the trouble and strife 

When the thunder of my life sets in
And heartaches have torn me apart
The lightening rears itís ugly head
And splits my weary heart 

The wind does blow Oh so fierce
Itís these times I am so forlorn
Thatís when I fall down to my knees
To seek shelter in the time of storm 

The winds do calm and lightening ceased
Thunder no longer does roll
But perfect peace and contentment
In my weary storm tossed soul 

Like the land after a cleansing rain
All clean and refreshed anew
Is my soul after forgiveness
Jesus always knows what to do 

I read once in the Bible
He calmed the seas at His command
The ship was rocking to and fro
Till he stretched out His Hand 

We can all walk in life anew
If weíll just let go and let God
We donít need to suffer so
While here on earth we trod 

Heíll always hear and answer us
When the storm is raging high
By an eye of faith just look up
Youíll see him standing by


Heíll hold you in His precious arms
And shield you from all harm
With perfect peace and cleansed anew
With Jesus after the Storm
~*©Raylene Boggs*~

Richard D. Dover
In His Steps Ministries
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