America Has Turned her Back 

America has turned her back on God
She no longer walks the way her fathers trod
Gambling drinking cocaine and crack
Lord I know soon Youíll be coming back 

Americaís took the prayer from school
Not caring about the Golden Rule
Canít paddle the children when all was said and done
So the children decides to carry guns 

The people are dying diseased and alone
The babies are crying with no food or a home
Thereís violence in the class room and blood on the walls
They carry guns in their back pack down the hall

America lets them kill their babes
Before in a Motherís arms it lays
A womanís rights I beg to differ
A life blocked out without a whimper 

The partial birth abortions are murder clear and true
The doctors will one day pay their dues
The women that allow it are far away from God
America, America whereís the path you used to trod 

The terrorists and molesters walk the street all free
You never know which one that it may be
Keep your children close and hold to their hands
I donít think America will much longer stand 

O America land of the free and blessed
Please get back on track or many will be left
Ask the Lord to save you and forgive you of your sins
Letís let the red white and blue wave proudly again
~*©Raylene Boggs*~


Richard DíAndrea Dover
In His Steps Ministries
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