I Have Authority

I have authority from God above,
authority to remove anything not representative of His love.


Satan I donít have to tolerate your scheming way,

you have to leave do you hear what I say.


I said be gone make thee haste,

to go any further with you would simply be a waste.


A waste of time that I could used in a better way,

so listen closely and do as I say.


Get thee hence get out of my sight,

God gave me this inherent right.


I neednít tell you why I neednít explain;

I donít even have to listen to you complain.


Just tell you to leave tell you to be gone,

I have My Fatherís Word I can stand on.


So get thee hence go on your way,

Iíve more important things to do with my day!


I have the authority Jesus gave it to me,

I am "HisĒ now and throughout Eternity!


Barbara Philbrook

Used with Permission of author

All Rights Reserved


Richard DíAndrea Dover
In His Steps Ministries
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