I Heard Him

I heard the great Creator's voice speak softly in the breeze.
I heard HIm when He rustled all the branches in the trees.

I heard Him in the patter of a cool, refreshing shower,
And in the mighty river's boom I heard Him speak with power.

I heard Him in the chatter of a squirrel all dressed in fur,
And in the sweet contentment of a fuzzy kitten's purr.

I heard Him in the cricket's chirp one starry summer night,
And when the saucy rooster crowed announcing morning's light.

I heard Him in a waterfall and in a singing creek,
And in the whisper of the pines, I'm sure I heard Him speak.

I felt the great Creator near in all His wondrous ways
And then I paused to bow my head in gratitude and praise.

~Eleanor Lyons Culver~

Richard D’Andrea Dover
In His Steps Ministries
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To the world, you may just be somebody...but to somebody, you may be the world.
Bill Wilson, Metro Ministries