Here I Am Lord

Here I am Lord seeking to do your will,
seeking to confirm I am surrendered still.
Here I am sincerely yearning to know,
in just which direction you desire I should go.

Here I am giving You complete control,
of my heart my mind my body and my soul.
Here I am on bended knee, surrendering
my every thought and dream to Thee.

Iím asking to be made competent,
so I may fulfill my destiny, as is your intent.
Use me Father to bridge any gap,
between what folks have and what they lack.

Use me to embrace those who need it today,
and to chase their heartfelt despair away.
Use me to feed the hungry or quench a thirst;
use me Father to erase the enemyís curse.

Allow me to love others as you love me,
revealing they alone decide their final destiny.
Perhaps I could offer up heartfelt prayer,
 to show the hurting masses how much you care.

I know not where I may best serve you today,
therefore I surrender completely as I kneel to pray.
Here I am Lord awaiting your direction,
because without you Iím but worthless imperfection.
Barbara Philbrook

Richard D. Dover
In His Steps Ministries
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Bill Wilson, Metro Ministries