One more poem on heroin and then we will come back to more inspiring poems. This poem was written by a gentleman I know personally who was miraculously delivered from heroin and was clean and sober for two years. He created an excellent documentary on heroin addiction. However several months ago he got back on pain pills and then heroin.

Richard D’Andrea Dover


Will You Marry Me ?

Hello my dearest, and as for me
I'm from a pretty flower, the opium poppy

My real name is Heroin, I won't let you down
Because of the stigma, just call me brown

My sister lives in China, she's out of sight
She's stronger than I, her name is white

Now that you know me, let's have our first date
Once you inhale me, It will be to late

It won't be long, and we will be courting
At this point my love, you'll be tired of snorting

Starting to smoke, we're now engaged
Chasing the Dragon, He's now enraged

When we are married, on our honeymoon
I'll introduce you, to the needle and spoon

I'll then take your will, since you'll be my wife
Stay with me long, I'll even take your life

I'm your master now, do what I say
Lie, cheat, and steal for me everyday

When I'm not around, I'll share you with friends
Misery and suicide, It never ends

You better be careful, If you love to much of me
Because I'm a widower, from all the o. dees

If you try to divorce me, I'll even the score
Plan on being sick, like never before

Even if you kick me, through physical signs
I'll still be there, to play with your mind

I' ll haunt you with craving, the rest of your life
What ever you do, stay away from Christ

Through Jesus' shed blood, I'll be undone
And then we won't have all of our fun

His deliverance is sure, there is no mistake
But to save you the pain, don't start to date

Stay a chaste virgin, from me and my friends
Because I'm a lie, from beginning to end

I promised you marriage, a beautiful high
But all before you, are in prison or die
Copyright 2000 All rights reserved in Jesus Christ
Lawrence DuBois


Richard D’Andrea Dover
In His Steps Ministries
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