This is my God my creator my savior my friend,

He is the only one on whom I can consistently depend.

Heís the one who wakes me every morning filling my heart with love,
The one who guides and directs me from Heaven above.

Heís the one who created this world and everything thatís in it,
The one who knows everything from beginning to finish.

Heís the one who holds me up whenever I am feeling weak;
the one who fights my battles when I am far too meek.

Heís the one who healed my body making me anew,
the one who provides the desire to share Heíll do the same for you.

Heís the one who promises to provide my every single need,
without my having to constantly beg borrow or plead.

Heís the one who sent the comforter to reside deep within,
the one who gives me the strength to resist the enemyís sin.

Heís the one who guides my days telling me what to do,
the one who provides me the encouragement to share with you.

Heís the one who holds every single one of us in His hand,
the one who created and carried out the Great Salvation Plan.

My God is an awesome God no brag simply fact,
and if you will accept Him there is absolutely nothing you will lack.

Barbara Philbrook


Richard DíAndrea Dover
In His Steps Ministries
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Bill Wilson, Metro Ministries