A Prayer Vigil

A prayer vigil is a determination to keep others in prayer,
continuing to lift them up because we deeply care.

It is sacrificing our own time of rest,
as we seek Godís intervention that things turn out for the best.

Itís putting anotherís need before our desire to sleep,
as we entrust them to Godís hands for Him to keep.

Surrendering the comfort and warmth of our bed,
as we petition the Lordís guidance in things others dread.

Sometimes itís sickness unbearable pain or sorrow,
sometimes it asking for a more resourceful tomorrow.

Sometimes we agree with what theyíve asked,
some needs are so challenging that prayer seems to be a task.

There is one simple little fact that we must never forget,
something that guarantees us we neednít fret.

God knew of these needs before any of us were born,
itís not our prayers that His awareness depends upon.

The prayers are necessary instead for us you see,
so we recognize God supplies our needs in their entirety.

Come to the Father in the name of the Son,
and whatsoever you believe as you pray will be done.

Weíre told anything touched on when two on Earth agree,
will be given of our Father who loves us abundantly.

A prayer vigil is a time for lifting each another up,
asking God to show His love by overflowing their cup!
Barbara Philbrook


Richard DíAndrea Dover
In His Steps Ministries
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To the world, you may just be somebody...but to somebody, you may be the world.
Bill Wilson, Metro Ministries