I realize that this poem is not inspirational, but I felt lead to share it with the Poetry list. We work with heroin addicts, and this poem reflects the life of many.

I personally know April and she is a wonderful older woman who has spent years working with “at risk” youth.

Richard D’Andrea Dover


~ Young Man ~

I know a young man, he is my friend---
But his first love is heroin.
It sings him to sleep when he's in pain
And he wants much more, again and again.
There's no room in his life for anyone
He might as well be dead and gone
I think he died a long time ago
maybe when hurt damaged his soul
His habit's a wall to keep others out
and he's locked in, and I'm locked out.
I knew a young man, he was my friend
But his first love was heroin.
It sang him to sleep when he was in pain
He wanted much more, again and again
There was no room in his life for anyone
And now he is really dead and gone.
(For my former foster son, who suicided May 2001 at age 34)
by April


Richard D’Andrea Dover
In His Steps Ministries
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