Last Christmas

Last Christmas we were thinking about all the things we didn't have;
this Christmas we are thinking about all the things we do have.

Last Christmas we were placing wreaths on the doors of our homes;
this Christmas we are placing wreaths on the graves of our heroes.

Last Christmas we were letting our sons play with toy guns;
this Christmas we are teaching them that guns are not toys.

Last Christmas we were counting our money;
this Christmas we are counting our blessings.

Last Christmas we were lighting candles to decorate;
this Christmas we are lighting candles to commemorate.

Last Christmas we were digging deep into our bank accounts to find money to fly home for the holidays;

this Christmas we are digging deep into our souls to find the courage to do so.

Last Christmas we were trying not to let annoying relatives get the best of us;
this Christmas we are trying to give the best of ourselves to them.

Last Christmas we thought a man who could rush down a football field was a hero;
this Christmas we know a man who rushes into a burning building is the real one.

Last Christmas we were wondering how to give our children all the things that money can buy; this Christmas we are wondering how to give them all the things money can't (peace, security).

Last Christmas we were thinking about all the pressure we are under at the office;
this Christmas we are thinking about all the people who no longer have an office to go to.

Last Christmas we were singing carols;
this Christmas we are singing anthems.

Last Christmas we were thinking how good it would feel to be affluent;
this Christmas we are thinking how good it feels to be alive.

Last Christmas we thought angels were in heaven;
this Christmas we know they are right here on earth.

Last Christmas we were contemplating all the changes we wanted to make in the New Year;
this Christmas we are contemplating all the changes we will

have to make in this new reality.

Last Christmas we were complaining about how much of our earnings went to taxes;
this Christmas we comprehend that freedom isn't free.

Last Christmas the people we idolized wore sports uniforms;
this Christmas the people we idolize wear police, firefighter and military uniforms.

Last Christmas peace on earth is something we prayed for on Sunday morning;
now it's something we pray for every day.

To the world, you may just be somebody...but to somebody, you may be the world.

In His Steps Ministries