The Pledge of Allegiance
and what it means


"I pledge allegiance"
...I promise to be true


"to the flag" the symbol of our country


"of the United States of America"
...each state that has joined to make our country


"and to the Republic"
...a republic is a country where the people choose others to
make laws for them. The government is for the people


"for which it stands,"
...the flag means the country


"one Nation"
...a single country


"under God,"
...the people believe in a supreme being


...the country cannot be split into parts


"with liberty and justice"
...with freedom and fairness


"for all."
...for each person in the and me!


As you may know, California's Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional in our public schools!



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To the world, you may just be somebody...but to somebody, you may be the world.

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