The Soda Surprise

This  is the time of year we  are asked to give more  to those with out. And its a time  we gather for the  poor to  give  out gifts for the Christmas season.

I know a lot about being poor because I've been there.  Many times.  When I was little most of my friends were poor, too, so I didn't feel sorry for myself very often. People were always giving us things, such as outgrown clothes, used toys, and home-grown produce.

Of course, it's wonderful to donate to charity clothes you've outgrown. When I have an item I no longer need, I always try to find it a good home instead of simply tossing it in the garbage. But giving up something you don't want doesn't require much thought and isn't particularly generous.

When you're poor, you accept any gift with a smile and a thank-you. But your true gratitude for the donation depends a lot on the attitude of the giver. Some people embarrass you by making a big production about giving you cast-off clothing. They make you feel as if they are better than you in some way just because they have more money.

A few years ago my husband got really sick, and was unable to work for about 6 mos. Myself unable to work due to having a baby any day. A sweet church lady brought us a big box of groceries. If you've never gotten a box from a food drive let me tell you what's usually in them. People donate practical, cheap food that won't spoil. That means things such as spaghetti, peanut butter, crackers, and canned vegetables. After all, if you're truly hungry you don't worry about whether something actually tastes good, right? All those foods were in the box, but there was something else, too-a large bottle of soda. Apparently some kind soul had realized that the poor like to have a party as much as everyone else.

Whenever I donate something to a food drive, I remember that soda and try to give something a little extra and impractical, like snack foods and candy. Giving away that dented can of pea soup or that sweatshirt with the big stain on the front is fine, but a generous person is willing to spend a little money to give someone a gift they will really enjoy. The ones in need like the same things other people do, only they don't have the means to get them.

God gave the most expensive gift of all. I want to be like Him.

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Richard D’Andrea Dover
In His Steps Ministries
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