To Somebody You May Be the World

At the end of each e-mail I send out I include the following tag:
To the world, you may just be somebody...but to somebody, you may be the world.

The reason I include this with my e-mail is because I believe what it says. To most people we are no one of importance. We are just a somebody, just a number. But because of God working our lives, we can be a person of great importance to someone who is in need or is hurting. The words we may speak, the things we may do, the smile we give, the gentle touch, the slightest of actions, may be want brings hope to an individual. Our actions may mean the difference between failure or success for an individual. I just read a story that emphasizes this point.

A Christian woman worked at an asylum and she believed that every one of God's creatures needed love, concern, and care. She knew of a girl called Little Annie. Annie was confined in a cell in the basement and was seen as a hopeless case. For months the Christian woman tried to talk with Little Annie, but it was like talking to an empty cell. She would read to her, pray for her, and bring special treats.

After several months, Little Annie responded to the love and she was given a second chance at treatment. After two years she was told she could leave the asylum. She chose to not leave. She was so grateful for the love and attention of the Christian woman that she decided to stay and love others as she had been loved.

Nearly half a century later, Helen Keller was honored in England as one of the most inspiring women in the Untied States. When asked to what she would attribute her success at overcoming blindness and deafness, Helen Keller replied, "If it hadn't been for Anne Sullivan, i wouldn't be here today."

Anne Sullivan, who tenaciously loved and believed in an incorrigible blind and deaf girl named Helen Keller, was Little Annie. Because one selfless Christian woman in the dungeon of an insane asylum believed that a hopeless little girl needed God's love, the world received the marvelous gift of Helen Keller.

To the world, the Christian woman was just a somebody...but to Anne Sullivan, and ultimately Helen Keller, she was the world.

No matter how many mistakes you have made. No matter how useless you may feel. No matter all the negative feedback you may receive. NO MATTER have the opportunity to be the world to somebody. It really has nothing to do with you. It has to do with God working in you, in spite of you.

So please don't forget–
To the world, you may just be somebody...but to somebody, you may be the world.

In His Steps Ministries
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