The End

I'd like to think the end is near.
The end of hatred and of fear.
The end of poverty and war
Of wondering just what life is for.

I'd like to see the end of fights
And squabbling over each ones 'rights'
The end of shootings and of crime,
Of "yours is yours and mine is mine"

I'd like to think the time's at hand
That we'll again respect the land
The creatures and the sea and air
And our brothers, everywhere.

I truly hope the end IS near
And that we'll soon begin to hear
The sounds of love, of joy, of songs
As we work to right the wrongs.

We face a brand new century ...
Its fate depends on you and me.
I'll gladly let this old one go .......
Say "Welcome" to the new one so

We can perhaps, from things we've seen,
Learn more about what life can mean.
So that the tears and pain may cease
And see the world well blessed with peace.

Author: Jeny Becca

I personally believe this is a great thing to live and hope for, but also realize that until Jesus comes back, there will not be The End.


To the world, you may just be somebody...but to somebody, you may be the world.

In His Steps Ministries