An old woman sat on the antique rattan rocking chair.  Her eyeglasses were perched precariously on her nose as she concentrated on her sewing chores.  A gentle breeze swept the wisp of whitish hair on her temples.


Beside her sat her teen-age granddaughter.  She was like a fresh flower recently bloomed.  Without warning she suddenly blurted out. "Grandma, why is true love so difficult to find?"


The old woman with a kindly face stopped sewing and touched her granddaughter's head affectionately.  After a moment, the young girl cuddled closer resting her head on the old woman's lap. "Listen and I will tell you why,"  began the grandmother.


"Many centuries ago, when the world was young, true love existed everywhere.  It was available for asking.  Because of this, men and women took true love for granted, so God decided to keep true love." She stopped and smiled as she gently stroke the young girl's soft tresses.


"God asked a pair of angels to keep true love.  First, they buried true love in the ground.  But man and woman easily dug it out.  Next, the angels took true love to the highest mountains.  But again man and woman easily climbed to the top.  Then the angels submerged true love into the deepest sea.  Man and woman swam to the bottom of the body of water and with ease retrieved true love."


"So true love is easy to find,"  commented the young girl.

"For man and woman will dig, climb and, swim."


"Yes, but finally the angels kept true love in the hearts of man and woman.  Since then people have had difficulty searching for true love. For they look everywhere except in the one place that should keep it - the heart."



"The most beautiful things in the world can neither be seen nor touched, just felt in the heart."

By Helen Keller



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