A Christianity That Works-Part Five

Several years ago I read a book called "A Christianity That Really Works" by Ron Marr. It is subtitled "A Handbook for Living in Continuous Personal Revival". For the next several nuggets I am going to share excerpts from this book. Any statements that are in quotes are from the book.

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness; for they shall be filled. Matthew 5:6"

Jesus is speaking of those who have not eaten so much of the world's husks that they still have a hunger left for Him.
"Quick fix, big thrill, power-hungry Christianity has been in vogue. God's people have preferred showmanship to genuine spiritual power, instant gratification to the slow-growing fruit of the Spirit."

Hungering for Him
"Within us is a holy hunger for our gracious, wonderful God. This hunger was placed there by the Spirit when He came to dwell in our spirits when we first received Christ as our Savior. But, most of us haven't been in the habit of adequately feeding that hunger for Him."

"Even though every true child of God wants to be close to the Lord deep inside, one of the great disappointments for most Christians has been the lack of that intimacy. Why is this?"
"Unfortunately, to say we want to be close to Him isn't to say we are responding to the wooing of the blessed Spirit as we ought.

Substitutes for God
"We've largely substituted something less than God Himself for our aim. Ask yourself, 'How are we generally expected to live the Christian life, grow in grace, know our Lord, have Christian victory?' Three common answers come to mind immediately: obedience to external commands, correct doctrine, and religious experiences-legalism, doctrinalism, and experientialism. None of these substitutes for God will ever satisfy the hunger in our need hearts for God Himself."

Not by Works
"God's commands are to be fully obeyed. Correct doctrine is not inconsequential. Valid Christian experiences do occur. However, many of us have allowed these to replace the Lord Himself as our hope."

The Lord our Hope
"Whatever it is we need must be received from no other source than the Mighty One Himself." To look to any other source is idolatry, which is the worst sin against our God."

Who is Your God?
"We need to see our God as He is, not as we've been seeing Him. So many of us view Him like the law really is, a hard taskmaster. Instead, He's our loving heavenly Father, always there for us, to soothe the hurt, to bind the wound, to encourage, and to uplift. He's always there loving, caring, giving, helping; He is eternally present not to condemn, but to transform."

He Loves You So Much
"He is the source of your approval-not the approval of your sin, but of you in Christ Jesus."

"You must see Him as always having in mind your ultimate good in every circumstance He allows."

To the world, you may just be somebody...but to somebody, you may be the world.

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