The Cross-Part One
The Hatred of Satan

At the cross, Satan was given full control of Christ to do with Him as he pleased. Now the entire universe would be able to really see what Satan and sin is like. If allowed to have its own way, sin will actually murder God in its hatred of Him.

Satan's hatred of God caused him to put Jesus to public shame, inflict excruciating suffering upon Him, and finally murder Him. The shame and suffering inflicted on Christ at the cross did not come from God. It was in God's plan; He allowed it. But the shame and suffering came as a direct result of Satan's hatred and sin. We must never confuse what Satan did to Christ on the cross with what God did to His Son. (We speak on what God did to his Son next time).

Christ physical suffering is not the supreme sacrifice that accomplishes our salvation. Never! (This statement is not intended to lessen the terrible suffering Christ experienced). If so, then Satan has actually contributed to our salvation, and that can never be. Also, there are Christians, Jews, Muslims who have physically suffered and died for the cause of God. Their suffering did not purchase salvation. (Again, next time we will talk about what purchased our salvation. Something greater and more terrible happened on that cross).

At the time of the cross, the world was divided within itself. Jews were against Romans; Pharisees against Sadducees. But Christ was their common enemy. As Christians we represent Christ on earth. This means that we have become enemies of Satan and his world. If the world today does not hate us or put us to shame, it is simply because the world does not see Christ in us. But let Him be revealed in our lives through the power of the gospel, and the world will turn against us immediately. Today, the world is divided into many factions. But let the character of Christ be reproduced in His church, and the world will unite against the saints.

The cross each Christian is called to bear is not the hardships and trials of this life. Hardships are the consequences of sin, and all people, believers and unbelievers alike, must bear them. We are to bear the offense of the cross-so united with Christ that the world hates us as much as Satan hated Christ, and the world will want to "crucify" us.

So what did God the Father do to Christ on the cross that purchased our salvation? That's coming.

(Excerpts from the book Beyond Belief by Jack Sequeira)


To the world, you may just be somebody...but to somebody, you may be the world.

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