How Big is Your God-Part One


In these Spiritual Nuggets we are going to tackle the subject of "Putting God in a Box" and "How Big is Your God". Many times there is hatred, bitterness, judgmentalism, pride, and other bad fruit in the body of Christ. The bad fruits create division among churches, denominations, and the body of Christ. And much of it is over doctrine, perspectives on God's character, and how we interpret the Bible. And the fact that we try to "Put God in a Box".

Some well read these nuggets and say a Big AMEN! Others will read these nuggets and say, why do we have to talk on this-just be positive. Others will have the potential to get offended. And yet others, may say we are lessening doctrinal truth. I would challenge each of you to be open minded and let the Holy Spirit speak to you. And if you disagree, lets agree to disagree in love.

Since there are many new subscribers to this list, I thought it would be helpful to clarify the nature of the Spiritual Nuggets. There are times that we emphasize the grace and mercy of God. We speak on abiding in Christ. There are other times that we are emphasizing the holiness of God. Holiness without Grace is legalism. Mercy without Holiness is Cheap Grace. Our God is very balanced, even if we are not. In a majority of our nuggets, we stay away from specific doctrines. Instead we emphasize the principles of Scripture.

Before we send out the next nugget, you might want to read Previous Spiritual Nuggets so that you get an idea of 'where we are coming from'.

We will be hard hitting in this series of nuggets and hope to challenge you to read your Bible and to be more open to Christians who believe differently than you.


To the world, you may just be somebody...but to somebody, you may be the world.

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