How Big is Your God-Part Two
Putting God in a Box

Have you ever heard the saying, "You have God in a box"? Do you know what it means? "Putting God in a box " is when we determine that our viewpoint of God is the only correct viewpoint, or we are determined God can only operate within our parameters, or we are the ones with the right doctrine, etc.

Before we go any further we should make it clear that we believe in doctrine. Correct biblical doctrine is important. There are doctrines that we feel very strong about and would stand up for them even if everyone else disagreed. We also believe there are biblical principles to live by and to share with others. Doctrine will define what organizations are cults. What we are going to speak on is when doctrine, our understanding of God, and other things become more important than God and His character. We can use doctrine to cause unnecessary division, or we can become prideful and 'holier than thou'. The bottom line is may even be wrong and define God Almighty incorrectly. We can "put Him in a box".

Some may argue, 'yeah, but my box is bigger than your box'. Guess what, God desires to not be in any box. If the God you serve can fit in a box, he is not Jehovah. The Lord Almighty is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. If we think we can figure God out for ourselves and everyone else, we are deceived. I have learned something–about the time I have God figured out, He surprises me. He throws a 'monkey wrench' in my life. I say, 'What's going on I thought...' and He says, "My ways are higher than yours." And I say, 'but Your Word says....', and He says, "I have more for you to learn, I am a Big God".

For some people because their box has been so small, they walk away from God if He does not fit in their mold. For others, they make God fit in their mold. And yet others will mark, label, and condemn you if you do not fit in their mold. Many times Christians have the hardest time to agree to disagree.
I think God disagrees with us many times. Yet Jesus still intercedes for us, loves us, blesses us, works on our behalf, and calls us to relationship. And He messes with our box by doing these very things for people that we do not believe deserve the blessings of God. We may feel this way because some people live hypocritical lives, ungodly lives, or foolish lives.

As I have ministered more to people on the street (the homeless, addict, strange, etc.) I have seen the mercy of God in action over people's lives. My 'box' would say, some of them do not deserve His mercy. Some live a blasphemous life. He is a God of judgement. Then He reminds me how I live my life at times. Then I say, "Ok God, Your love and mercy is greater than the box I have put them in."

So, How Big is Your God?
In the next nugget we will discuss how to Agree to Disagree in regards to doctrine. Do you know that your viewpoint of doctrine can determine How Big Your God Is? You Doctrine Freaks (I can be one of them), don't get too uptight. Hear us out on the next nugget.


To the world, you may just be somebody...but to somebody, you may be the world.

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