Sad Statistics and Some Answers-Part Three

According to Year 2000 Statistics from George Barna Research Group only 8% of born-again adults tithe to their local church. 16% give no donation at all. This is a very sad statistic. It is a contradiction. How can you be a born-again Christian and not believe in giving to God's work at your local church?

It would be 'safer' for me to just ignore the subject of tithing and talk about one of the other sad statistics instead. It is 'dangerous' to talk about the tithing issue because:
1. Statistically 84% of you are going to disagree with me
2. People are very possessive about their money
3. Most Christians don't like hearing about this topic.
4. Many argue that were under grace, not under the law

I will unashamedly speak on this subject because tithing and giving is biblical. And the reality is, if a principle is biblical and yet only 8% of Christians are following the biblical principle, the subject needs to be discussed over and over again until it is understood. This is just a nugget, so we can't say much, but we can plant seeds. And the reality is that those of you are receiving this nugget by e-mail are probably already tithing.

92% of born-again people do not tithe
We will give the excuse people give for not tithing, and then counter that excuse:

Tithing is an issue of trust more than anything else. Do we trust God with our finances (they of course are not ours).

16% of born-agains do not give at all to their local church. Some of the reasons for this may be:

Be a giver of God's money
Has the Lord been convicting you about your concept of money? Do you see any truth at all in what we have shared? Do you want to do things differently? Then start giving to God's Kingdom. There is no need to ask God for His will on this subject. It is His will to give, so just do it! You will be amazed! And the enemy will have one less foothold in your life.

In the next nugget we will share on Commitment to Christian faith.


To the world, you may just be somebody...but to somebody, you may be the world.

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