The next several nuggets will reviews of books I have read that have been meaningful to me.

"The Bible" by Gold Almighty
Of course, the number book for me is The Holy Bible. What I thought I would share is my views on some of the Bible Versions.
According to scholars, one of the most accurate Bible Versions is New American Standard. This the Bible I use the most.

Besides being accurate, it is easy to read. The Revised Standard Version is also suppose to be accurate to translate the Hebrew and Greek into English.

Another Bible I like reading at times is The Living Bible. It is not a translation, it is a paraphrase. Because it is a paraphrase made for easy reading, it is not always completely accurate, but it is very easy reading and is refreshing at times.

If you want a Bible that helps you to get an idea on how the Bible was read by those who knew Greek (the original language of the New Testament), then the Amplified Bible is very good. It gives an accurate definition of words as you are reading it. It is not always easy reading, but it is a very good Bible for study purposes.

If you are concerned that the Bible you are reading is accurate to the original languages, then the Interlinear Greek and Hebrew Bible is for you. It lists English next to the Hebrew words and English next to the Greek words. And it gives the Strong's reference numbers for each word. So it also is a good Bible Version for doing studying of words.

We should mention the Strong's Concordance. It is not a Bible Version. But it is an excellent study tool. The concordance list where every word is found in the Bible. It is great to use to find a Bible verse when you can only remember some words of the verse and you do not know where it is in the Bible. It also lists words by definition.

Another good Bible study Tool is the Vine's New Testament Expository Dictionary. It gives the greek spelling of words, the root of a word, the definition of words, and some Bible verses where the words are used. I love using it to get a fuller understanding of the Bible.

Another Bible Version I should mention is the King James Version. For some, this is the only Bible Version they will read. They are convinced it is the most accurate and has not been tainted by various doctrines. I would probably agree with this to an extent. But one of the problems of the King James is that there have been earlier manuscripts found since it was written, so it is not completely accurate. And of course, it is written in early English with the thees and thous. But the New King James Version has removed these terms.

The last version I will mention is New International Version. Many like this version because of its easy reading. However, some argue that it has changed some of the verses and is doctrinally in error or influenced by the doctrine of the translators. To an extent I would agree. However, I do read it at times. I would not use it as my study Bible.

I should make a statement about accuracy. When I state a version is not as accurate, it does not been the Bible Version is necessarily in error or inaccurate. It just means there are some discrepancies. Most of these discrepancies are minor compared to the thousands of verses in the Bible. We need to remember we are reading translations, not manuscripts.

"Evidence That Demands A Verdict" by Josh McDowell
I absolutely love this book. But then I have some prejudices. This book is what brought me to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. I was an atheist who was starting to believe there must be a God. Somebody recommended this book to me. It answered all my doubts about God, Jesus, and the Bible. The book is written for those who are logical and thinkers. If you are an honest person who reads this book with honesty, you cannot deny the validity of the Bible and that Jesus Christ must be the Son of God and the Savior.

The only drawback of the book is that if you only read it, you can walk away with 'head knowledge' about Jesus Christ, but not have a 'heart knowledge'.

"More Evidence That Demands A Verdict" by Josh McDowell
This book is heavy duty into the science of logic and using logic to determine if the Bible is true and if Jesus is who He says He is. If you are a heavy thinker and you want a 'deep study' then this book is for you. But I do not recommend it for most people.


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