This is the last of the Book Reviews.

Frank Peretti
Any of the books by Peretti is excellent. I believe he has excellent insight into the supernatural (even though he will not admit it). The only book I did not like as much was "The Oath". Actually it is a very good book, but it was different than his other books. His other books have stories that could happen in real life. "The Oath" is more of a thriller, but certainly does have biblical principles in it.

He has written children books, but I have not read any of them.

I was able to see Frank Peretti in person. He is a very 'down to earth', absolutely funny, insightful person (and excellent banjo player). His personality does not match the seriousness of his books. If you ever get a chance to see him, take advantage of it.

"Fresh Faith" by Jim Cymbala
This book really challenged me to spend more time in prayer. There are excellent true stories in this book on how God has changed the lives of people because of prayer and faith. Cymbala states that authentic, biblical faith is simple, honest, and utterly dependent upon God, a faith capable of transforming your life, your church, and the nation itself. Because of this book, it is hard for me to run from God's call on my life. Nothing drives me more than to see lives changed for God. Because of this book, I went to my church almost every Friday night for one year to pray throughout the night for the morning church service.

"Chicken Soup" Series
Any of the Chicken Soup Series of books are excellent. They are very inspirational and uplifting. They have books for women, teenagers, pet owners, survivors of illnesses, generic, and more. These books make great gifts. They are not "Christian", but they are still very good.

"The IVP Bilble Background Commentary-New Testament" by Craig S. Keener ISBN 0-8308-1405-1
If you are a person that really gets into Bible study, then this book is for you. It provides the cultural background of every verse in the New Testament. There are parables and metaphors that the New Testament authors and Jesus used that have lost their powerful meaning because we do not know the culture of Jesus day. When you know the cultural background, you can grasp the author's original concerns and purposes. Verses that don't make sense suddenly become clear. What has been helpful to me is that I have a better understanding why the words of the New Testament writers had such conviction in them to the readers.

This is not to state that we have to know the cultural background in order to be convicted or to understand the Bible. It is God's Word and it is a two edged sword whether we know the cultural context or not.



"Angel Unaware" by Dale Evans Rogers 1953
This book is only 63 pages, is very old, and was given to me by God. Before you think I am crazy, let me share my story.

This book caused me as an atheist to believe there is a loving God of this universe that cares about us. It was a stepping stone used by God to bring me to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. When my parents and I moved into a house, this book was in my bedroom closet. I believe it was placed (or left) there specifically for me. I want to meet the angel that made sure it was there for me. I believe every time I open this book, there is celebration in heaven.

The book is a story of Robin Rogers- a Mongoloid daughter of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. She only lived for three years, but she had an impact upon all those around her. (I can't wait to also meet her in heaven). The book is written as if she is telling her life story to God.


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