Other than one once before, we have never covered topics in regards to specific Bible Doctrine in our Spiritual Nuggets. This has been intentional. Our goal is to share a variety of biblical principles with Christians who have various doctrinal beliefs. Many Christians have had doctrine 'shoved done their throat', and they are more open to learn about Christian principles to live by than some person's doctrinal belief. Plus there are some non-Christians reading the nuggets that at the present time are cautious about reading nuggets on Biblical Doctrines. We don't want to 'scare them away' with do's and don'ts. We feel it is the responsibility of the local church to teach on Bible Doctrine.

After giving the reasons why we do not share doctrinal nuggets, we need to share why we are speaking on a very controversial doctrine. Almost daily In His Steps Ministries receives prayer requests in regards to people who are getting divorced, their spouses are committing adultery, people who have been married several times, singles desperate to get married, and Christians in unhealthy or unbiblical relationships. There is much heartache in many people's lives in regards to relationships and marriages. We believe if individuals had a better understanding of what the Bible teaches in regards to marriage, divorce, and remarriage, much of the heartache could be avoided. We feel it would be a disservice to our readers if we just ignore this subject.

Overall Christian churches have been silent on the issue of divorce and remarriage, or have had unbiblical teachings on this subject, or deal with the subject of divorce in a legalistic manner. Many churches keep silent because of the fear of offending someone. However, Jesus spoke very direct on this subject. The truth will set you free. May the Lord reveal His truth to each of us as we study this subject.

Here are some of the topics we will be covering:

What were the words of Jesus on this subject, what did Apostle Paul write on this subject, what about 'spiritual adultery', what about grace, mercy, and forgiveness in regards to divorce, how will understanding this subject help marriages, why is this subject so controversial?

We know that for some of you this is a hard subject to be discussing. Please be patient with us and ask the Lord to speak to you. We promise to explore this subject in a very balanced manner.

In the next nugget we will share the scriptures relating to divorce and remarriage. We will study the Greek and biblical definitions of some words.


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