Fire of God-Part Two
Furnace of Consuming Fire-Fire of Judgment


The fire of God either refines or it destroys. In this nugget we are going to discuss the fire that destroys, the consuming fire. In our next nugget we will speak on the refining fire.


As Christians, we can make a choice as to what type of furnace we go through. It is Godís desire that we walk in the character of Christ and that we be purified through the refiners fire. However, when we willfully choose sin, bound up in sinful habits, or refuse to submit to the will of God, we will be placed in the furnace of consuming fire. The Lord will allow or do whatever it takes to purify us and consume the sin in our life. The problem is that because of our rebellion, we may experience depression, loss of relationships, sickness, ongoing guilt, unresolved issues, etc. as we go through the furnace of affliction.There are consequences to our behavior. There is a good chance we will smell like smoke and we will be singed; maybe even more than singed. We may encounter third degree burns because of our rebellion. These burns may be a divorce, loss of a job, terrible sickness, etc.


Many times we blame these trials, tribulations, failures on the devil. The reality is that they are the result of sin in our life. Yes the devil actions may be a part of the terrible consequences, but it our disobedience that has given the devil permission to attack us. The good news is that even though we may experience pain, loss, and suffering, the Lord will use this to purify us. His consuming fire will consume our sin, but not us.


What is interesting about this furnace is that our sinful actions fuel the fire of God. When we repent from the deeds of darkness, there is no longer fuel for the fire. Take heed, the fire of judgment must continue until the sin is destroyed. As Christians, we will not experience the final judgment fire in regards to eternal life, however our works will be tested.


For the wicked who do not repent, they are destroyed by the fire. They experience the ultimate fire of judgment. They will be consumed by the fire of God.


In the next nugget we will speak on the refinerís fire which is the fire of God for believers who are being refined not because they are willfully walking in sin, but because they have asked God to form them into the image of Jesus Christ.



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