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Coming into a lifestyle of forgiveness is not easy. In many ways we can compare the process of forgiveness to a skill which must be learned and practiced until it becomes as automatic as breathing.

If the heart is full of unforgiveness, that’s what naturally will be reflected in our speech.

It’s not acceptable to unstop what is in our hearts, run off at the mouth, and pour untempered negative feelings on others whenever we’re stimulated.

We are not talking about suppressing feelings. Legitimate feelings should be expressed. We need to become aware of the vast difference between rehearsing feelings and attitudes, and confessing them.

Recognizing our false sense of forgiveness
What typically happens is that when we experience a hurt, we attempt to handle the need to forgive by simply repressing our feelings. Or, we attempt to deal with serious matters of the heart by handling them mentally. Feelings are thus denied, rationalized away, or simply shoved down inside.

Daily discipline of forgiveness prayer
The most healthy thing we can do is to honestly admit feelings and seek a way to constructively remove those painful barbs through forgiveness.

We can stay tuned in through "flash prayers"–instant turnings to God for immediate morsels of understanding, guidance, courage, wisdom, and release.

The value of flash prayers is that they deal immediately with our needs.

In our next nugget we will speak on What Happens When We Don't Forgive and When We Do Forgive.


To the world, you may just be somebody...but to somebody, you may be the world.

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