Financial Giving-Part One


As in other nuggets, we are going to tackle one of the ‘controversial’ topics in Christendom. Please be willing to read all the nuggets in this series before making judgment.


It can be a ‘dangerous thing’ for a ministry or church to talk about money. Some people will tune you out as soon as they hear the words giving, tithing, offerings, or donating to a ministry. Because of a mindset, they will assume that the ministry is greedy, wanting to build their own kingdom, not trustworthy, doesn’t really need the money, etc.


How many times have you heard individuals say “all the churches want is your money”. How many people have you heard that use this as an excuse to not go to church? And these comments are not just from lost people, but born again Christians. They will make sure you are reminded about the televangelist fiascos from over 20 years ago (where is the concept of mercy and forgiveness). They might even find a recent excess by a ministry in their arsenal of weapons to excuse their unwillingness to give.


Some will say “the church is trying to guilt me into giving”. When in reality, it may be their own conscience or the conviction of the Holy Spirit that is causing them to feel guilt.


Some will remind you that their need is greater than the churches. (Their need for their lattes, daily movie rentals, go out to eat 5 times a week, own the 3-car garage, buy a new car every two years, send their kids to the most expensive colleges, etc, etc, etc,). Ok, we live in Seattle so maybe the “need” is different in your area. The “need” to buy the latest fishing, hunting, skiing gear. The “need” to wear the best clothes for work, the “need” to have the best entertainment center. Or maybe you live in a third world country and there is the “need” to have the best hut, the best farm, the best bicycle.


The issues of financial giving are most evident in those countries that have the most wealth-the USA being one of the most evident. So this series of nuggets will be shared in the backdrop of the USA, but the principles would be applicable anywhere.


Many ministries are not able to accomplish all that God has for them because of the lack of funds. The lack of funds is because of the mindset of many within the Body of Christ. We will be sharing some strong words. Please understand they are not directed towards individuals. They are directed towards a mindset that actually is a sinful mindset.


In the next nugget we will share our own experience as a ministry.



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