Financial Giving-Part Two


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Before we discuss our experience in regards to people giving, the excuse people give for not giving, and the biblical principles of tithes and offerings, we thought it might be good to share some very sad statistics.


These statistics are for the year 1999 for the USA. They are specifically in regards to tithing. Tithe is commonly recognized as the giving of 10% of your income (some believe your net, others gross-which I agree with), to the local church that you attend. In regards to these statistics, it was not determined if individuals are giving to their specific local church or just to churches in general.


These statistics are for individuals who call themselves Born-Again Christians.

16% do not give any money whatsoever to their church

Only 8% actually tithe to their church, which means 92% of those who attend church do not tithe

The average amount given per month is $112.00


Overall all adults in the USA give $67 per month to churches.

According to the statistics the more money a person makes, the less likely they are to tithe.


When looking at the mean and median statistics, individuals give very little or they give a great amount. It would appear that they are either convinced to give or they ignore the concept of giving.


These statistics are from the Barna Research Group:


According to the statistics many Born-Again Christians do not believe their finances belong to God, or else they do not believe in the biblical principle of tithing.


In the next nugget we will discuss the biblical principle of Tithes and Offerings.


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