Jesus is the Mediator of the covenant of grace. Jesus is the middleman who stands between us and God.

"Jesus is the Surety of the covenant. On our behalf, He undertook to pay our debts. On His Father's behalf, He also undertook to see that all of the souls of His elect would be secure and safe, and that every one of the Father's children would ultimately be presented unblemished and complete before Him." p. 56

Jesus is the Substance of the covenant. Christ is all, and in all (Colossians 3:11).

Jesus is the Bequest of the covenant. Christ is ours and has been given to us by God. "He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how will He not also with Him freely give us all things." Romans 8:32

Jesus is the portion of each believer by the terms of the covenant.

Jesus Christ is ours in all of His attributes as God:
Power-His power is yours.
Love-All of His love belongs to you.
Justice-He will see that all that is promised by God will be granted to you.
Whatever you need that is a characteristic of Jesus as God, belongs to you.

Jesus Christ is ours in all of His attributes as man:
All that He has as a perfect man is yours.

He was full of grace and truth-full of favor and accepted by God as a perfect being.
"The perfect righteousness that Jesus lived out, when through His stainless life He kept the law and made it honorable, is yours." p. 59.

There are characteristics of God the Father that He manifests in grace in regards to how He relates to believers compared to those who deny Him.

Jesus Christ is ours in all of His offices:
Prophet, Priest, King, Redeemer, Advocate, Forerunner. "In every name He bears, in every crown He wears, in every vestment in which He is arrayed, Christ is the believer's own." p. 60.

Jesus Christ is ours in all of His works:
Works of suffering or duty. All Christ did is ours.

Jesus Christ is ours in all of the fullness of the Godhead:
"For in Him all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form". Colossians 2:9

Jesus Christ is ours in His very life:
The life of Christ is the property of every believer.

The Purposes of Christ in the Covenant
To provide Comfort for Repentant Sinners
To Reassure the Doubting Saint
To Give Substance to Many Blessings
To Be Used by the Saints-There are blessings in the covenant of grace that we may need, and Jesus is there to give them to us. The more burdens that we put on His shoulders, the more He will love us. "You will never know the sympathy of Christ's heart and the love of His soul so well as when you have heaved a mountain of trouble from yourself to His shoulders and have found that he does not stagger under the weight". p. 72.

In the next nugget we will talk about "the Holy spirit in the Covenant".

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