Love Languages-Part Two
The Five Languages


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In his book, Gary Chapman describes that are basically five ways people express or receive love. Love is expressed by: Words of Appreciation
Acts of Service
Gift Giving

Quality Time

Physical Touch


Words of Appreciation
We express words of affirmation to others by saying:

"What a nice dress!", "Thank you for doing the dishes", "The art project you brought home from school is simply beautiful.", “I love you”, "I appreciate that you took out the trash with out my even asking."

Words are powerful, whether they are the actual word or the tone of voice in which they were said. A person who speaks the language of Words of Affirmation needs to constantly hear words of encouragement and praise.


Acts of Service

You express your love to others by serving them.
Doing whatever you know will make them happy. This is the language of people who don’t need to be told they are loved they need you to SHOW them. Little Acts of Service are how they know they are loved. This means the dishes are done, laundry completed, grass is mowed, trash is out, dinner is done.



You express your love by giving gifts.
These people like the idea that someone thought enough of them to get them something - anything. A handful of dandelions, pizza for dinner or calling in sick so you can spend time together are all treasured by a gifts person. Sometimes your time can be the most valuable gift if given at the right time.


Quality Time

You express your love by spending time together and spending time in quality conversation.
This means undivided attention goes to the person you love and not the TV, baseball game, or the boss. All your attention goes to the one you love -- the one who feels they are loved, only by YOU spending time with THEM. Maintain eye contact when talking. Don’t listen and do something else at the same time. Listen for feelings. Observe body language. Refuse to interrupt.


Physical Touch

You express your love by physically touching the person.
Any kind of gentle and loving touch: a hug, caress, a hand on your shoulder, holding hands, a kiss on the cheek, running your fingers threw someone’s hair. Physical touch does not mean
sex. For some people they would rather be held and touched, more than anything else that you do.


In our next nugget we will describe how God shows His love through the five Love Languages.


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