Love Languages-Part Three
The Love Languages and God


In the last nugget we looked at five ways to express and to receive love. In this nugget we will take a look at how these Five Love Languages can be applied to our relationship with God.


Words of Appreciation (Praise)
We express words of affirmation to God by saying:

“You are mighty and rule over all the earth”, “You are my deliverer and I praise Your name”, “You are the Most High God”.


The Lord expresses words of affirmation to us when He says:
”I began a good work in you and I will complete it”. “You are the bride of Christ and I love you”.



Acts of Service (Serving Him by ministering to others)

We express love to God by serving Him through acts of service to others
“Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.” He is speaking about feeding the hungry, helping the sick, visiting the imprisoned.


God serves us by:
Sending His ministering angels and answering our prayers.



Gifts (Giving Tithes and Offerings)

Giving tithes and offerings is our way of giving gifts to God.


God blesses us with gifts of health, financial blessings, eternal rewards.
He says He will bless a cheerful giver and give us more back than what we give Him.



Quality Time (Worship, Meditation, Prayer)

We express love to God by spending time in His word, prayer, and meditating on Him.


God gives us quality time by speaking to us through His word and in our prayer times.



Physical Touch (Experience His Presence)

You express your love to God by being willing to be in His presence.
This means do not hide from God. It also means to go where He is-being in church, at revival meetings, talking walks with just you and Him.


God expresses His love to us by sending the presence of His Holy Spirit, by living within us.


Are you one who loves sharing gifts? Then you can show your love towards God, by your tithing and offerings. Do you feel loved when someone shares their heart with you? Then some time in the Bible and prayer and let God love you by sharing His heart with you. (I do not believe the concept of applying the Five Love Languages to our relationship with God is in the book by Gary Chapman).


In our next nugget we will discuss “Receiving God’s Love”.


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