Love Languages-Part Seven


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The Five Love Languages are:

Words of Appreciation

Acts of Service


Quality Time

Physical Touch


We can show love to God by:

Words of Appreciation (Praise)

Acts of Service (Serving Him by ministering to others)

Gifts (Giving Tithes and Offerings)

Quality Time (Worship, Meditation, Prayer)

Physical Touch (Experience His Presence)


We can receive love from God by:

Words of Appreciation- Words of encouragement from His Word and from people

Acts of Service-When others minister to us

Gifts-Financial and other blessings (good health, etc.)

Quality Time-A special worship service
Physical Touch-Experience His Presence in a tangible way


We can receive love from others by:

Being open to receive love in more than one love language. Ask the Lord to heal us from the wounds of the past so that we do not close our heart to certain love languages.


We can give love to others by:

Taking the time to know a person better and speaking love to them in their love language.



We shared this concept with a group of men in a county jail and they were absolutely blessed. It truly spoke to their hearts. Some gained insight into God’s love for them. Others understood that they had loved their wives in the wrong way. And others understood that they had rejected love from those who love them. There were many tears as the Holy Spirit filled the room with His love during worship. The Father expressed his love to us by touch-His presence.


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