Leading People to the Lord Jesus Christ-Part One


How many have you heard the following:

“There were thousands that came to Jesus at the crusade in Toronto, Pensacola, Brazil.” “In our church we had revival meetings and over 30 people came to Jesus in two weeks.” “We ministered on the streets of our city and over 10 people accepted Jesus”. “I lead somebody to Jesus at the grocery store”.


As Christians as we hear these testimonies and we get very excited.  There is nothing more joyful than hearing about people getting born again. Praise God for every person that gets born again. However, is every person that ‘accepted Jesus’ born again? Is repeating the words that someone prays and going to an altar represent being born again? Does walking out the door with a Bible and a card in your hand mean you are born again? Is it heresy to ask these questions? For some it may be.


In this series of nuggets we are going to speak on the topic of “Leading People to the Lord Jesus Christ”. We are going to be asking some hard questions and at times giving even tougher answers:

Is the success of a ministry based upon how many people become Christians?

Is leading someone to Jesus different than them receiving Jesus Christ?
Is God into numbers or is true conversions what matters to Him?

Are some Christians unknowingly presenting a false gospel to lost people?

Is having someone repeat a prayer fulfilling the Great Commission in the gospel of Matthew?


Before we tackle these questions, we need to once again emphasize we believe in the grace and mercy of God. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. Scripture states God winks at our ignorance-Acts 17:30. We are going to explore this subject so that each of us can more closely do the will of God.


We end this introduction acknowledging that many have truly come to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ at crusades throughout the world, in revival meetings at churches, on the streets of a city, and in grocery stores, libraries, workplaces, homes, hospitals, elevators, and even bathrooms.



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