Jesus, LORD and Savior-Part Four
OK, I want Him to be my LORD and Savior

Some of you have been convicted that you need to make Jesus as your LORD and Savior. And you are asking the question: ďHow can I have Him as my Lord, I have been making myself as lord. I donít know where to start. It is so hard.Ē

What you need is CPR. Maybe as a Christian you have been in the fire and you have been burned. You have had the life taken out of your walk with Jesus. There needs to be drastic measures taken to bring you back to life in Jesus. You need CPR.

Remember the definition of the
Greek verb Homologeo-To declare openly by way of speaking out freely, such confession being the effect of deep conviction of facts.
You have been convicted of the fact that Jesus must be more than Savior, He must be LORD of your life. The first step in CPR is to Confess. To confess to God and man that you have not made Jesus LORD of your life.All of us need to make this kind of confession. Even as born again, spirit-filled, on fire, Christians there are times we have not made Jesus LORD. We need to not only confess to God, but to man, because we have been a poor witness at times. People around us, have seen that we have not made Jesus as LORD of our life. They need to hear from us our acknowledgment of our falling short. Our confession may help others to see sincerity in us and want to be sincere in their own life.

C for Confession, but we need CPR, not just C-Confession.

Once we have confessed our sin, we can praise God that He forgives our sin and failures. Jesusí blood covers all our sin, rebellion, stubbornness, foolishness. I donít care what you have done. I donít care how rebellious you have been. I donít care how much you have been the Lord of your life. Praise God, He honors our confession. Letís praise and thank Him for His forgiveness. Letís praise Him that He will give us grace to allow Him to be the Lord of our lives.

C for Confession, P for Praise, we also need the R to have CPR.

Our confession and praise will be of no value if we do not repent.
The Greek word for repent is Metanoeo. The definition is to perceive afterwards. To change oneís mind or purpose. A change for the better. Repentance from sin.

If there is true repentance, there will be change. We will renew our mind. We will say Yes Lord, and say No to sin. We have perceived that we have been in error so we take steps to change.

How drastically we take steps in a different direction will reflect how much we have made Jesus LORD. Repentance does not mean we will not sin again. But what it does mean is that as it is revealed to us that we are in error, we will apply CPR once again. C-Confession, P-Praise, R-Repentance.

The problem for many Christians is that they applied CPR one time in their life, instead of applying it on a daily basis. Or they only use one part of CPR. They only confess and live in a pity party forever. They walk around always living with regrets and guilt. There is the other type of Christian that just goes around praising Jesus, shouting Hallelujah, and never repenting. There also is the Christian who all they do is repent, they never are having any long term victory over sin.

So our question to you:

Is Jesus LORD and Savior of your life? Maybe He never was even Savior of your life. You can make Him Savior now. But remember, that He is not just to be your Savior. He is to be your LORD.

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