Mary and Martha-Part Five


Quotes are from “Chasing God, Serving Man-Divine Encounters Between Martha’s Kitchen and Mary’s Worship” by Tommy Tenney. You can order the book on-line at:



We have talked much about the differences between Marthas and Marys. We have said there needs to be balance. But here is a reality, most of us are not very passionate to be a Martha or a Mary. Overall the Body of Christ walks in apathy. Most Marthas would rather talk than work. Most Marys are looking at their watches instead of praying.


If Marthas in the church were passionate, every church would be feeding and clothing the poor, doing yard work for free in the neighborhood, babysitting children of working moms, bringing food to the sick.
If Marys in the church were passionate, they would be praying through the night prior to church services, praying for the church leaders each day, willing to miss the church service because they are praying throughout the service.


One time Jesus said pray for more workers. Another time He shares a parable about the wedding feast and those who were invited did not come. If you’re called to be a Martha, be passionate at serving others. If you’re a Mary, be passionate at serving Him.


“Real revival does not occur simply because God show up. Real revival does not occur simply because a lot of people show up for a meeting. Real revival is when both God and man show up at the same time and at the same place.” P.129. it will be a place of habitation where God and man feel comfortable enough to stay under the same roof.

“Jesus died on the middle cross while suspended between Heaven and earth as a living intersection, the Door between human existence and eternity. When the manifest presence of the Reviver invades meetings filled with hungry people, he becomes the intersection between humanity and Divinity and produces what I call revival.” P. 129.


“The Church is usually a little unbalanced because it is constantly torn between the practical and the spiritual. Most churches tend to lean toward one side or the other; they are either socially active or spiritually passionate.” P.127 A church where both God and man are comfortable is a place where revival can take place. The church will have credibility in the heavens and credibility with man.


Credibility in the Heavens
Mary’s example:
“If He hears that cracking tinkle when you break your alabaster box of personal treasures; if He notices the rustling sound as you bow to dismantle your own glory; you are going to stop Him in the middle of whatever He is doing, because God cannot pass a broken and contrite heart. He is going to move Heaven and earth just to come visit you.” P. 132


Credibility on earth
Martha’s example:
Martha did not come across as “super spiritual”. She was “normal”.

Because of Martha’s service, her house in Bethany became a ‘House of Bread’. Those who are ‘hungry’ will experience the good works of Marthas and will be drawn to Bethany where Jesus is present.


Where divine passion and human compassion meet, there will be true revival.


“Humanity is blindly searching for its lost spiritual heritage and home. Jesus expressed the earthly problem of Divinity when He said, ‘Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.’ Some churches have learned how to create a place where man can rest, and a few have even learned how to create a place where God can find rest. God is looking for a place where Divinity and humanity can rest together. Eden was lost long ago; it’s up to us to restore the garden of God in our churches—a place where God and man can walk and talk together.” P. 138.



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