Radical Individualism-Part One


In this new set of nuggets we are going to cover the topic of Radical Individualism (RI). We are going to cover the topics of:

What is it?
The good and bad points of RI.

Why does RI happen in the Church?

RI in the Body of Christ.
The power of the Church when RI disappears and is replac
ed with Spirit-led Radical Unity.

What is unity.


What is Radical Individualism?

Radical Individualism is the ‘lone ranger’ mentality. It is the attitude that is reflected in the statement ‘just me and Jesus’.  It is when your needs are more important than anybody else’s needs. RI is the attitude that you cannot trust anybody else in ministry except yourself or a few of your closest friends. It is the belief that ‘my way is the only right way’. RI is expressed in a statement like, “God has shown me (us) how to do this ministry and to do it any other way is not the will of God.” Many times those who are walking in Radical Individualism believe that they are prophetic, and what they say must be followed. At times, it appears that being right is more important than relationships or accomplishing a goal.


I am absolutely convinced that there are some Radical Individualist who are reading this nugget. I ask you to be patient with me and be willing to read all of the nuggets with an open mind. I have walked in RI for years (I will be sharing my story). So I am not going to be condemning and judgmental in these nuggets. At the same time, we are going to confront what can become sinful behaviors and attitudes. Radical Individualism in the Body of Christ has quenched powerful revivals in the past. RI can cause unnecessary conflicts in churches.  We will also be speaking on how churches have handled Radical Individualist unfairly and foolishly. At the end of this series of nuggets we will be speaking on biblical unity. Note: unity does not mean conformity.


This is going to be a hard series to write. No matter what I write there are going to be individuals upset with me. Some will be offended because they are walking in RI and the Holy Spirit is going to convict them of some their attitudes. Others are ‘yes’ men who never ‘rock the boat’ and will feel that I am justifying those who are EXTREME in their behavior. We ask that those on both sides of the fence will listen to the Holy Spirit and follow His guidance.


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