Radical Individualism-Part Eight
The Rest of the Story


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In the last nugget we ended with this comment-“The reality is that myself and the leadership both need to repent.”


Whether leadership repents or not, I am responsible for my actions. I made a decision to:
Repent of my judgments against church leadership
Repent for being focused on what others are not doing
Repent for not being effective in God’s kingdom

Repent for being Radically Individualistic


I made a decision to find a church where I can be in unity with leadership in regards to passion and vision for lost and hurting people. Find a church that is radical in touching the lives of radically messed up people. Radically messed up people, now I can relate to that. I have been radically messed up.


I have learned how to be radically passionate to be on the front lines, do what God has called me to do, and not get focused on all the things I disagree with about leadership. I have to say much of the growth in me has been because of a pastor who saw my passion and was not threaten by it. He did not care about my past. He only cared that I had a desire for the lost and released me to do the work of the ministry. He knows I don’t agree with everything the church does. However, he also knows that I am a strong supporter of his ministry at the same time. We both see the sincerity of each others heart and the desire to see people saved, healed, and delivered. That is number one to both of us. How we accomplish it is less important.


There is also one more thing I have learned. Three people can accomplish much more than one person, but three people talking and not doing anything accomplish nothing compared to just one person doing something. What am I saying? Desiring to walk in unity with others is a good goal, but sometimes you have to just do the work of the ministry and trust others to join you as you are doing the will of God.

If God has called you to start a home fellowship, do it. You don’t need ‘permission’ to invite some lost neighbors over for Bible Study. If God has called you to give sandwiches to the homeless, you don’t need ‘permission’ to give out a free sandwich. If you get stuck on waiting for permission to have a bible study, a neighbor may die without Christ. If you wait for permission to give out a free sandwich, that sandwich may have kept the homeless person alive one more day. We don’t need ‘permission’ to share the love of Jesus.



I am living in a place where people are radically lost, radically addicted, radically perverted, and radically messed up. I am also living in a place where churches and ministries to a large extent are Radically Individualistic. In the midst of this, God has called me to bring unity among Christians and to find a way to reach the rejected and unwanted.


Somehow I need to be radically passionate and work with other radical people, and realize some will dislike me in the process. At times it seems impossible. I am the most unlikely person to be doing this. It seems foolish. But then I am reminded that it is the work of the Holy Spirit, and Jesus is my example. He also was passionate, worked with radical people, and had those who disliked Him. But He changed the world through His relationship with His Father and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. By the grace of God I pray that we as the Body of Christ, will listen to our Heavenly Father and walk in the anointing of the Holy Spirit and touch our world with the gospel of Jesus Christ and see lives changed for eternity.


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