Sad Statistics and Some Answers-Part Five
Secular vs Spiritual

"Born-again Christians spend seven times as much time on entertainment as they do on spiritual activities" according to
Year 2000 Statistics from George Barna Research Group.

Carnal Entertainment
One of the reasons this statistic is so sad is that much of the entertainment may be wordly or carnal. It is not inherently wrong for a Christian to watch a movie, sports, TV, play video games, surf the Internet, etc. These things in themselves are not wrong. But the problem becomes when a Christian is watching TV and movies that are violent, promoting immorality, anti-Christian, and just downright evil. Or playing video games that are promoting wickedness (yes there are Christian adults addicted to video games). Or surfing the Internet and viewing pornography, interacting in ungodly chat rooms, or spending hours just surfing the web. Or watching sports rather than being at a prayer meeting, bible study, home fellowship, or even church. Or reading secular romance novels, fantasy fiction, and National Enquirer.

Romans 12:2
"And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect."


Good Entertainment
Some may argue that they only watch good movies, good TV shows, play only innocent video games, Christian chat rooms, read only Christian novels; they don't watch ungodly wrestling, but only football or basketball. The problem is-are you doing this seven times more than spiritual activities? Would you rather be at home watching "Touched by an Angel" instead of feeding the homeless? Instead of 'being touched by an angel', why not be an angel in someone's life. Instead of reading the latest Christian mystery, why not read the Bible which shares the mystery of the gospel. Instead of watching baseball, why not play catch with a fatherless young boy.

So many times when a church is looking for individuals to help with outreach events, they hear members say they do not have enough time. Guess what, if most Christians rather spend time on entertainment than ministry, they are nothing more than secular, carnal Christians. Again there is nothing wrong with having fun, 'kicking back', and relaxing. But there is no excuse for allowing entertainment to become more important than the kingdom of God.

Secular Behavior
A whole other subject that we will not cover in this nugget is the topic of Christians who are living a lifestyle of carnality. They are in bondage to smoking, drinking, drugs, promiscuity, etc. They are more than devoting their time to secular entertainment-they have bought into the lies that the secular entertainment promotes.

It is time for Christians to live a lifestyle that reflects that Jesus Christ is more than Savior, that HE IS LORD OF LORDS.

The next nugget will be on the Existence of satan, Holy Spirit, Jesus and sin. 


To the world, you may just be somebody...but to somebody, you may be the world.

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