How to Share the Gospel

There are many ways to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For some, they have been taught that the only way to share Jesus is to knock on doors or do something else that does not fit their personality. Some think you have to be a missionary to share the gospel.

At times there seems to be a teaching in the church that unless it is hard and stretches you, then you must not be doing the will of God. Sometimes the will of God is hard and it stretches us. But sharing the gospel does not have to be hard and trying to our flesh. It can be enjoyable, fun, and a great blessing. If we are doing the will of God, the ultimate reward for obedience is much greater than the sacrifice made to be obedient. Obedience does not always have to be painful.

Why are we saying all this in regards to Sharing the Gospel? So you will realize that Sharing the Gospel does not have to be a burden and does not have to be done out of guilt. We should not be serving God out of guilt. We should not be obedient to God's will out of guilt. It should be out of a grateful heart and out of the gifting He has given us. Since all of us are called to share the gospel, then He has given us the ability and gifting to do His will.

Ways to Share the Gospel
Service-Do you like helping people by providing clothing, food, or meeting other needs. Then you can help out at a food bank or street ministry where they hand out food and clothing. You are sharing the gospel by meeting the physical needs of people. Let them know you are helping them because Jesus loves them. Maybe it is as simple as doing yard work for an elderly couple and letting them know it is because of the love of Jesus that you are doing it. Listen to their story and let them know that Jesus Christ is the solution to their situation.

Witnessing-Are you the type of person that likes to talk about Jesus and the Bible? The opportunities are limitless: knock on doors, share at the bus stop, go to the park, etc. Just remember to reflect Christ and not be obnoxious, disrespectful, or antagonistic.

Baking or Cooking-Do you like to cook? Why not drop off a loaf of homemade bread each week to a family in your neighborhood. Bake cookies for the neighborhood kids. Let them know that Jesus loves them.

Do you like to sing or play an instrument?-Why not go to a nursing home and play the piano and sing some old songs for them. Smile and listen to their stories. And tell your story of salvation.

Mechanically inclined?-How about fixing a single mom's car and fixing the broken washing machine. Let her know that Jesus saw her need and spoke to you to meet it.

Prayer-Ask a co-worker if you can pray for them. Pray for a neighbor. Let them know that you believe in the power of prayer in the Name of Jesus.


Bottom Line
Sharing the gospel is more than knocking on doors and giving out a Bible tract. It is doing an act of kindness and giving the reason for your act of love. In any of the things that we listed above, you will have the opportunity to share your testimony.

The best way to share the gospel is to tell your own story-How did God change your life. Even the shyest person who likes to cook, can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Remember, we are saying that sharing the gospel is more than doing a good deed or living a good life. It is giving the reason for our deeds or lifestyle. Are you too shy to give your testimony? Then have a Bible tract ready to handout.

So the next time someone tries to put a guilt trip on you because you won't go out in the middle of winter knocking on a stranger's door and giving them a Bible tract, tell them the following:
"I am happy that you enjoy doing this. May God richly bless your efforts". But God has called me to witness the love of Christ through....

In the next nugget we will discuss "Sharing the Gospel with Faith". There will be fruit if we share the gospel with faith.

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