Do's and Don'ts

In this last nugget of this series we will share some of things we think are harmful when sharing the gospel and some things that are helpful.

Share your personal story of how God has touched your life. If he has delivered you from addictions, illicit sex, criminal activity or any other major sinful activities, be careful that you do not glorify the sinful behavior. Or exaggerate to make the deliverance to sound greater than it is. The fact that you are saved is miracle in itself.

If you have lived a good moral life, grew up as a Christian and have not struggled with major sins, it does not mean you do not have a testimony. Don't apologize or lessen the mighty work of God in your life. The reality is that you would not have been able to stay away from a sinful lifestyle if was not for the power of God working in your life.

If you go to a restaurant and talk about the Lord with the waitress, or you are with a church group, be sure and give a large tip. Don't be cheap when you are sharing the gospel. God is bountiful with his blessings, be the same way.

When sharing, stay away from "Christianese" lingo. What we mean is be aware that are those who have never read the Bible and have no idea what many of the biblical terms and concepts mean. Such terms as propitiation of sin, justification, sanctification, pressing on, fighting the fight, Jesus comes with a sword, etc. make no sense to many unbelievers. Talk in terms that are easy to understand.

Don't get into complicated debates. Some people want to debate and have absolutely no desire to learn about the gospel or to change their sinful behavior. Don't waste your time with them. There are others that are open to the gospel.

Don't share things about life after death, heaven, etc. that the Bible does not speak on. For example, don't tell kids on a skateboard, that if they accept Jesus they will be able to go skateboarding in heaven. Be honest and say, "I don't know what all we will do in heaven, but it will be more fun than anything on earth."

Sharing the gospel is more than speaking words. So do acts of kindness giving God all the glory. You see some kids with a lemonade stand. Walk up to them, give them $20.00, and let them know that their Heavenly Father and His son Jesus loves them. I guarantee they will remember this the rest of their life.

Respect those of other faiths. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing, but don't be haughty. Take a stand for truth, but do it in love.

Number One Don't
Don't be a hypocrite. Be the same person at home, work, at the store, church, or any place else. If you are having a struggle with sin, be honest about it. Let your neighbor know that you feel bad at times about your wrong behavior.


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