Giving Our Time-Part One


In the last series of nuggets we spoke on Financial Giving. We will now speak on the subject of “Giving Our Time”. If speaking on financial giving is one of the most ‘dangerous things’ for a ministry to discuss, the Giving of Time is probably the second most dangerous topic to speak on. Most people don’t like you talking about ‘their money’ and ‘their time’.


In this series of nuggets we will be speaking on the fact that our life and ‘time’ belongs to God, not us. Many of us have our priorities out of order and we have become too busy. We have no time for God, for our families, for our church, for our friends, and certainly no time for those we don’t even know.


We have a quote from Bill Wilson, founder of Metro Ministries in New York, in our e-mail signature tag. It says,
"To the world, you may just be somebody...but to somebody, you may be the world." We have had several people let us know that they appreciate this quote. It is very inspiring. But guess what? If we are too busy, we don’t even have time for the ‘somebody’. Is there a ‘somebody’ in your life that God has put into your path, but you are just too busy? Then hopefully these nuggets will challenge you to prioritize your life.


Our Heavenly Father does not ask (even command at times) us to do anything unless He has given us the time to do it. If we don’t have the time, the problem is with us, not Him.


In the next nugget we will explore what scripture has to say about giving our life and time to God and others.


P.S. Some of you are feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities. Please do not let the enemy use these nuggets to put condemnation on you. “There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus”.


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