Giving Our Time-Part Four
Not Qualified To Minister


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One of the reasons why people do not give their time to ministry is because they feel they are not qualified. Somehow they have a concept that they must be well educated, very talented, have a special anointing, be very spiritual, etc in order to be qualified to minister. All of these things are very helpful, but they have been overemphasized in many churches. The reality is that in some churches it would mean that only 10% of the whole church is qualified to minister. This is contrary to scripture. The Bible teaches that all of us called to share the gospel and to love and serve others.


Jesus twelve disciples did not meet the qualifications listed above. They certainly were not super spiritual. However, they healed the sick, cast out demons, and shared the gospel. This was prior to the Day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was poured out. Some even believe the disciples were not even born again until Jesus breathed upon them and said receive the Holy Spirit. (John 20:22)


It does not take specialized skills to baby-sit for a neighbor who is sick, to hand out hamburgers to the homeless, to clean the church sanctuary, to pray for the church leaders, to help with potluck, to share hope with the discouraged, etc.


There is one main qualification to minister-a willingness to do so. God can use a willing heart. It is wise to obtain training, to walk in holiness, to be lead by the Spirit. Many times what happens is that the more we give of ourselves to minister to others, the more we have a desire to walk in holiness, to be lead by the Holy Spirit, and to obtain further training so we can minister more effectively.



So, don’t put too high of expectations upon yourself before you reach out to others or give your time to ministry.


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