Sad Statistics and Some Answers-Part Six
Biblical Truth

"66% of all teenagers reject the existence of Satan, 60% reject the existence of the Holy Spirit, 50% believe that Jesus sinned during His lifetime: two-thirds of these teenagers say they know the basic teachings of the Christian faith" according to Year 2000 Statistics from George Barna Research Group.

Did you just read this statistic? Two-thirds of these teenagers say they know the basic teachings of the Christian faith. My question is, WHO IS TEACHING THEM THIS FALSE DOCTRINE? Or better yet,WHO IS NOT TEACHING THEM THE TRUTH? Note that this statistic does not say how many said that they were Born-Again Christians, but this is still an alarming statistic. The Body of Christ has a major work to do.

Many Christians, including Christian Leaders, say doctrine really does not matter. "We just need to preach love, love, love." "We just need to show people how to live a godly life." "We don't want to get hung up on doctrine." For the sake of unity among churches, many believe we should ignore doctrine and just love one another and be at peace. What I want to know is why can't we be at peace and still stand for doctrinal truth? Yes, there are certain doctrinal positions of churches that are not that significant. Yes, there are churches that make their doctrine more important than walking in the fruit of the spirit. But there is certain doctrine that every Bible believing Christian should believe in.

The Bible is jammed back with doctrine. The Bible has something to say about the existence of satan, existence of the Holy Spirit, and that Jesus lived a sinless life. If you throw away doctrine, you throw away the Bible.

If there is no existence of satan then there is no sin, no need for a savior. If there is no Holy Spirit, then we are on our own to fight sin, of course there is nothing to fight if sin does not exist. If Jesus sinned, then there is no sacrifice, of course if there is no sin, there is no need of a sacrifice. Do you see the game plan of the enemy? Remove biblical doctrine and you have destroyed the gospel of Jesus Christ. And you have removed hope. Does that explain why there is a whole generation of teenagers today that have lost hope?

As the Body of Christ lets preach the concept of love, the concept of holiness, the concept of walking in the fruit and gifts of the Spirit, the need for unity, but this don't forget the foundational doctrinal truths of Christianity–There is a satan, Jesus lived a sinless life so there is victory over satan, and the Holy Spirit gives us the ability to love, walk in holiness, be used by God in the gifts, and to be in unity with others.

And Christian parents, some of these teenagers are yours. Are you waiting for the church to do what you are suppose to be doing?

Our next and final nugget of the Sad Statistics Series will be 'How Accessible are Churches?


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