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Immature Christians-Part One, Introduction
Immature Christians-Part Two, Getting Off the Bottle
Immature Christians-Part Three, Get Off the Diapers
Immature Christians-Part Four, Get the Training Wheels Off
Immature Christians-Part Five, Being an Adult

Fire of God-Part One, Introduction
Fire of God-Part Two, Furnance of Consuming Fire-Fire of Judgment
Fire of God-Part Three, Refiners Fire
Fire of God-Part Four, The Silversmith
Fire of God-Part Five, How To Minister

Leading People to Jesus-Part One, Introduction
Leading People to Jesus-Part Two, Receiving Christ
Leading People to Jesus-Part Three, False Gospel
Leading People to Jesus-Part Four, True Conversions vs Numbers
Leading People to Jesus-Part Five, Success
Leading People to Jesus-Part Six, Summary

Giving Our Time-Part One, Introduction
Giving Our Time-Part Two, Scriptures
Giving Our Time-Part Three, Reasons/Excuses
Giving Our Time-Part Four, Not Qualified to Minister
Giving Our Time-Part Five, Summary

Financial Giving-Part One, Introduction
Financial Giving-Part Two, Statistics
Financial Giving-Part Three, Biblical Principle of Tithing and Offerings
Financial Giving-Part Four, Reasons Why People Do Not Give
Financial Giving-Part Five, Our Experience
Financial Giving-Part Six, Summary

Love Languages-Part One, Introduction
Love Languages-Part Two, The Five Love Languages
Love Languages-Part Three, The Five Love Languages and God
Love Languages-Part Four, Receiving God's Love
Love Languages-Part Five, Receiving and Giving Love
Love Languages-Part Six, Personal Story
Love Languages-Part Seven, Summary

Mercy-Part One, Introduction
Mercy-Part Two, Definitions
Mercy-Part Three, Bible Verses
Mercy-Part Four, Biblical Principles
Mercy-Part Five, Application: Giving Mercy To Ourselves
Mercy-Part Six, Application: Giving Mercy To Others
Mercy-Part Seven, Mercy and Justice
Mercy-Part Eight, Examples of Mercy

Radical Individualism-Part One, Introduction
Radical Individualism-Part Two, The Good and The Bad
Radical Individualism-Part Three, Why Does It Happen?
Radical Individualism-Part Four, Radical Individualism in Ministries
Radical Individualism-Part Five, Unity-Introduction
Radical Individualism-Part Six, Unity Among Believers
Radical Individualism-Part Seven, My Story
Radical Individualism-Part Eight, Rest of the Story

Mary and Martha-Part One, Introduction
Mary and Martha-Part Two, The Differences
Mary and Martha-Part Three, Spiritual Segregation
Mary and Martha-Part Four, The Mary and Martha in Each of Us
Mary and Martha-Part Five, Revival

Jesus, LORD and Savior-Part One, Introduction
Jesus, LORD and Savior-Part Two, Scriptures
Jesus, LORD and Savior-Part Three, Why Do People Only Make Him Savior?
Jesus, LORD and Savior-Part Four, OK, I want Him to be my LORD and Savior

Learning From Our Disappointments-Part One: Disappointments, His Appointments
Learning From Our Disappointments-Part Two: Goals and Desires
Learning From Our Disappointments-Part Three: Disappointments Can Be Good
Learning From Our Disappointments-Part Three: Disappointments, My Experiences

The Grace of God-Part One,The Wondrous Covenant
The Grace of God-Part Two,God in the Covenant
The Grace of God-Part Three,Christ in the Covenant
The Grace of God-Part Four,The Holy Spirit in the Covenant
The Grace of God-Part Five,The Blood of the Covenant

Divorce and Remarriage-Part One, Introduction
Divorce and Remarriage-Part Two, Bible Verses on this topic
Divorce and Remarriage-Part Three, Hard Teaching
Divorce and Remarriage-Part Four, Importance of Marriage
Divorce and Remarriage-Part Five, Tough Marriages
Divorce and Remarriage-Part Six, God's Mercy and Forgiveness
Divorce and Remarriage-Part Seven, My Story

Sharing the Gospel-Part One, What is the Gospel?
Sharing the Gospel-Part Two, Why Share the Gospel?
Sharing the Gospel-Part Three, How To Share the Gospel?
Sharing the Gospel-Part Four, Sharing the Gospel with Faith
Sharing the Gospel-Part Five, Sharing the Gospel with Faith-Continued
Sharing the Gospel-Part Six, Ministering to the Backslider-Part One
Sharing the Gospel-Part Seven, Ministering to the Backslider-Part Two
Sharing the Gospel-Part Eight, Do's and Don'ts

Halloween and Christianity-Part One, History of Halloween
Halloween and Christianity-Part Two, History of Objects and Activities
Halloween and Christianity-Part Three, Halloween and the Bible
Halloween and Christianity-Part Four, Alternatives
Halloween and Christianity-Summary

I Am a Soldier In God's Army

Is There Fruit?-Part One
Is There Fruit?-Part Two

Living A Disciplined Life-Part One
Living A Disciplined Life-Part Two
Living A Disciplined Life-Part Three

The Importance of Doctrine-Part One
The Importance of Doctrine-Part Two
The Importance of Doctrine-Part Three
The Importance of Doctrine-Part Four

Believing In and Trusting A Person-Part One
Believing In and Trusting A Person-Part Two

How Big is Your God-Part One, Introduction
How Big is Your God-Part Two, Putting God in a Box
How Big is Your God-Part Three, Agree to Disagree
How Big is Your God-Part Four, Non Essentials
How Big is Your God-Part Five, Who Can Be Used By God?
How Big is Your God-Part Six, How Do You See Jesus?
How Big is Your God-Summary

A Christianity That Works-Part One
A Christianity That Works-Part Two
A Christianity That Works-Part Three
A Christianity That Works-Part Four
A Christianity That Works-Part Five
A Christianity That Works-Part Six†
A Christianity That Works-Part Seven
A Christianity That Works-Part Eight
A Christianity That Works-Part Nine
A Christianity That Works-Part Ten

Sad Statistics
Sad Statistics and Some Answers-Part One
Sad Statistics-Part Two, Absolute Moral Truth
Sad Statistics-Part Two, Absolute Moral Truth-Addendum
Sad Statistics-Part Three, Tithing
Sad Statistics-Part Four, Commitment
Sad Statistics-Part Five, Secular vs. Spiritual
Sad Statistics-Part Six, Biblical Truth
Sad Statistics-Part Seven, Church Accessibility

The Cross-Part One, The Hatred of Satan
The Cross-Part Two, What God Did
The Cross-Part Three, What Christ Did
The Cross-Part Four, What the Blood of Jesus Did
The Cross-Part Five, The Cross and Us

God's Forgiveness and Mercy

Forgiveness-Part One, Introduction
Forgiveness-Part Two, Option or Necessity
Forgiveness-Part Three, Choosing to Forgive
Forgiveness-Part Four, Facing Truth and Reality
Forgiveness-Part Five, Forgiveness Test
Forgiveness-Part Six, The Process of Forgiveness
Forgiveness-Part Seven, Forgiveness as a Lifestyle
Forgiveness-Part Eight, What Happens When We Don't Forgive?

Gethsame-Part One
Gethsame-Part Two
Gethsame-Part Three

Bad News, Good News

Being Offended
Offending Others

BOLD AND COURAGEOUS-Part Two, How do you receive courage and boldness?

Cold or Hot

Questioning Motives and Judging Others-Part 1
Questioning Motives and Judging Others-Part 2
Questioning Motives and Judging Others-Part 3
Questioning Motives and Judging Others-Part 4
Questioning Motives and Judging Others-Part 5

Book Reviews-Part One
Book Reviews-Part Two
Book Reviews-Part Three
Book Reviews-Part Four

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