In His Steps Ministries

Making A Donation

In His Steps Ministries provides individuals the ability to receive Inspirational Stories, Clean Jokes, Poetry, and Spiritual Nuggets. When you receive these e-mails each week, you do not get Pop-Ups, Banners Ads, or any other advertising.

Because we do not provide advertising of any kind, In His Steps incurs all hosting and e-mailing costs. This has been intentional. We do not believe in distracting from the e-mails by having advertising, plus much advertising violates our moral standards.

Currently, it costs us a minimum of $600 a year in actual expenses to maintain this website and send out the e-mails.

Because of being to busy with other ministry work, we do not have the time to update all of our stories, nuggets, jokes, and poems. If you still would like to donate to help us provide books, Bibles, materials to Spiritual Seekers, your donation would be greatly appreciated.

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