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The NEW Footprints

A Friend is a Gift of God
Twelve Days of Christmas
The Old Phone-Sing in Other Worlds
Soda Surprise
Why Women Cry
Would You Walk By
Processional Catepillars
The Alphabet
The Horse and the Little Burro
Teach Me To Forgive
57 Cents Goes a Long Way

Too Busy
Because He Lives
Little Boy and church
Theology of Faith in Action
Daily Chores
The Weathered Old Barn
Tell The Devil
Trusting In God
The Five Fingers of Prayer
People In Your Life
Birthday Party-December 25
First Corinthians 13, Christmas Version
Christmas Love
A Different Prayer
Frogs and Positive Attitude
Important Lessons
True Love
New Ending
I Was There on 9/11
24 Beautiful Lines For 24 Hours Of The Day
Who is Your Daddy?
No One Has Ever Done This For Me
God's Way
Loving Kindness
Good Sayings
Jesus Wants To Know
You Must Keep Going
Pledge of Allegiance
Expensive Praise
Brush Hair
The Old Man and The Sea
When God Created Fathers
The Meaning of Real Peace
My Quilt
God's Wings
A Child's Point of View
QUIZ on Important People
The Dart Test
Edith Easter
I Asked God
To Somebody You May Be The World
The Boy and the Master
Tess and a Miracle
I've Learned
A Great Teacher
Is Your Hut Burning
Beautiful on the Inside
Unfolding the Rose
New Years Instructions
The Littlest Firefighter
Mystery Guest
Christmas Envelope
Christmas Love
Last Christmas
Who Will Take The Son?
Would You stay or run?
Hospital Room and Hope
Why Go To Church?
Everyday Thanksgiving
Enlightened Perspective
Soldier of God
I Pledge Allegiance
Where Was God?
The Kindness of Some Canadians
Forgive and Forget
Big Rocks
Don't Wait Until It Is Too Late
Life Is Funny
Can and Cannot Do
You Are Special in God's Eye
Words of Wisdom
Unfolding The Rose
A Special Prayer
The Letter
Have You Anytime?
The End
If I had My Child To Raise Again
what does ASAP mean?
New School Prayer
How To Plant A Garden
The Agony of God
He Is
The Center of the Bible
Be Thankful
The Lord Our Shepherd
I Found Jesus
Walk Down Memory Lane
Good Neighbor
When You Thought I Wasn't Looking
Yellow Roses
Were You Colder Than This
The End
The Good Life
Mother's Love
Mom's Special
Real Mothers
Images of Mother
Beauty of a Woman
Jesus Crucifixion
Easter Cookies
Memo From God
Darrell Scott Testimony
The Cross
Thoughts By Paul Harvey
Box of Kisses
See God
The 7-Ups
The Harvest
Rules To Be Happy
God's Boxes
It Depends
Spider's Web
True Love
Forgiveness Between Brothers
Buying A Diamond
Beauty Contest
No More Dirt Roads
Fishing and Ethics
Embroidery Story
Enjoy the Moment