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Male Chauvinist
Abbott & Costello
Redneck Starship Captain
I want To Be A Bear
More Church Signs
Quotes From Medical Records
Planting Potatoes
Chocolate is Good For You
Washroom Embarrassement
My Mother Taught Me
Actual Prayers
The Joys of Exercising
Don't Mess With Mothers
Be Careful What You Pray For
Having A Bad Day?
Things That Make You Go Hmmmm
How Old Am I?
7 Degrees of Blonde
An Engineering Perspective on Christmas
A Thanksgiving Poem
30 Years Difference
StevenWright Quotes
Baby Boomer Oldies Songs
Humorous Bible Answers
Dog Breeds
10 Reasons To Not Wash
Furniture Disease
Golf with Jesus, Moses, and Older Gentleman
Proverbs for 2002
Old Couple in McDonalds
Sex of your computer
Random thoughts of Women
Post Office and God
Did You Know?
The Perfect Husband
Blessed Be The Little Children
Cat From Heaven
Christian Humor
Christian Humor-Hymns, Streets of Gold
Points to Ponder
Snack Time
Last Laugh
Truths of Life
Jesus Is Watching
Women Drivers
Church Stories
Men and Women
Sooo...You Think You Know Everything
Big Man in a Small Town
Wisdom of the Indians
Twelve Days of Christmas
Bumper Snickers
Mountain Computer Technician
Children Humor
Church Signs
More Terrorists Found-Churches Beware
How Do These People Survive?
Heavenly Voice Mail
Every Idiot Deserves A Sign
Bumper Stickers & Signs
It Pays To Proofread
Complaints Of Biblical Mothers and Wives
Top Ten Sayings Of Biblical Mothers
An Amish Joke
Dumb Laws-Part One
Dumb Laws-Part Two
Dumb Laws-Part Three
Dumb Laws-Part Four
Redneck Starship Captain
Commercial Jingles and God
Play With Words
Viagra Spin-Offs
Asleep At Desk
Tower/Cockpit Shenanigans
Girls Rule
Blond Inventions
Make A Woman
Dead Rabbit and Blonde
Remember When
Puzzled Parrot
Jonah and The Whale
Dog Breeds That Did Not Make It